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On the 8th September at FIRE 1998, four comprehensive health and safety guidance documents were unveiled by Henry McLeish, MP Minister for the Scottish Fire Service.

The four documents will have a significant impact upon the way in which health and safety is developed in the fire service within the United Kingdom. If you follow the links below you will be able to see the layout and a few extracts from the Guides.

Dynamic Management of Risk at Operational Incidents:
This is a 20 page A4 full colour pamphlet to be supplied for all UK operational personnel. It includes a simple, pocket-sized overview of the principles of dynamic risk assessment and the safe person concept and includes a personal issue flow chart card.

Volume 1: A Guide to Senior Fire Service Officers:
his is a 24 page A4 guide aimed at principal officers and provides a composite overview of relevant statutory provisions and associated HSE guidance. It deals with costs and benefits and sets out the practical steps necessary to maintain an effective Health and Safety management system.

Volume 2: A Guide to Fire Service Managers:
A substantial publication of 130 A4 pages, it is aimed at all service managers and practitioners. Detailed guidance on the law, training, accident management, and ill-helath issues.

Volume 3: A Guide to Operational Risk Assessment:
This volume contains some 32 generic risk assessments and provides practical guidance on how the assessments should be used by brigades.

A few GRA's have been included to enable the user to "get the feel" of the guides.



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